Thank you for your interest in AMSA! In order to become a member, please make sure to complete these important items:

1. Sign up with the National AMSA Chapter.

Here are walk through videos on how to become a national member for AMSA!

 Go to ​

Once finished make sure to ​send your proof (screenshot) of membership to ​​ ​Make sure to register as a member of the ​Texas Tech Chapter.

2. Join our Organization on TechConnect.

● Go to ​

● Sign in using your eRaider credentials.

● Type in “American Medical Student Association ​Tech Chapter​” in the search bar. Make sure you join the one that says ​TECH CHAPTER​!

● You will use TechConnect to sign up for all events!

3. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop.

4. Maintain involvement in AMSA.

★ 8 Points Per Semester ★

  • 2 from General Meetings
  • 1 from a Social Event
  • The rest can come from a combination of healthcare networking, community service, and advocacy involvement.
  • Each hour of community service will equate to one point, with a maximum of three points for one community service event.